Briddlesford Farm: Locally sourced since 1923

In 1923, Charles Griffin walked from Adgestone with his family and farm animals to begin a new life at Briddlesford. From the moment this first herd of Guernsey Cows arrived, the farm has produced dairy products for the Isle of Wight.

Over the past century, their herd has expanded to 140 cows—all direct descendants of the original 15—with products ranging from milk and cream to specialised cheeses. Along with their delicious locally-sourced products, the farm offers educational tours for guests of all ages. These tours and courses focus on how important locally sourced produce is to a community, and allow visitors the chance to see the farm animals up-close and personal.

Over the years, Briddlesford has become increasingly specialised, with a distinctive pedigree status for its dairy processing. The farm is regularly featured in the annual awards a the English Guernsey Cattle Society. They also are members of the Specialist Cheese Makers Association, Royal Isle of Wight Agricultural Society, and the Guild of Fine Food. In 2017, Briddlesford was awarded a Gold Award from the International Cheese Awards.

Conservation of the countryside is huge priority, with their 220 acres of pasture and arable land and 60 acres of woodland being among one of the UK’s last habitats of the red squirrel. Fattingpark Copse, one of the woods on the property, was discovered recently as ancient woodland, home to more than 150 different species of wildlife.

Though its evolved over the years, Briddlesford Farm has remained constant in its care put into managing the land and Guernsey cows, providing locally sourced dairy to the Isle of Wight and the rest of the UK.